My Favorite Croissants I've Had So Far

My Favorite Croissants I've Had So Far

A topic I am quite passionate about. Below are my favorite croissants I've ever had broken down by city.





Tin Building Croissant

The Tin Building - @tinbuilding

Coming here is an all around great experience. It's an overall recommendation to shop, dine, explore and disassociate, or to grab coffee and a pastry - all of which are wonderfully executed I'm sure, although I can only speak to the butter croissant. The layers speak for themselves.


Basket of Croissants, Best Croissants NYC

L'Appartament 4F - @lappartament4f

This place is hyped up for good reason. Believe me I was skeptical at first. I was blown away. Pictured above is the butter croissant, pistachio rose, almond, and almond raspberry. With the exception of a couple bites I allowed my Father who accompanied me there, I polished off this entire box. They are opening their first Manhattan location soon!


Maman NYC Best Croissants NYC

Maman - @_mamannyc_

When looking for a nice place to sit and enjoy a drink and pastry on beautiful plates Maman is always a safe bet. It's also great on the go and they have several locations throughout the city. Their almond croissants, butter croissants, and vegan butter croissants are my go-to's. 




Best Croissants Los Angeles - Chaumont

Chaumont - @chaumontus 

Flaky. Buttery. Perfection. For a while this was an unrivaled number one for me. They have a separate all vegan bakery next door to their Beverly Drive location. I find myself opting for the vegan butter croissant even as a non vegan. The butter is coconut oil based. It's really f*cking good. I recommend the butter croissants, zaatar croissant, and almond croissant (all available in vegan and non vegan.)


Best Croissants in LA Gjusta
Gjusta - @gjustabakery
I will offer to take people to LAX so I can end up here. The plain croissant is great, and the baklava croissant is a must try once, although incredibly sweet. I also enjoy any excuse to go to Venice.
Vegan Sesame Pretzel Croissant
Maru / Neighborhood Coffee - @marucoffeela / @neighborhood
This is the vegan sesame pretzel croissant. It's actually from Sugarbloom Bakery but you can find it at Maru and Neighborhood in LA. They used to have them at Blue Bottle but for some reason don't anymore. Huge mistake in my opinion. This way a daily thing for me at one point. It's savory, salty, and unique.
Side note - Neighborhood has the best matcha in LA in my opinion.


Best Croissants - Miami
True Loaf - @trueloaf 
I have risked missing many flights for these. Airy, flaky, buttery. Everything I want in a croissant. I recommend their butter croissant, almond croissant, and the thing with blueberries on top and pastry cream in the middle. 


Best Croissants Santa Fe
Claufotis - @claufotis505
If you find yourself in Santa Fe, Claufotis is a must visit for pastry lovers. They are family owned and run. I am dreaming of bringing it to NYC. They make so many things, and they make them all very well. I know this is about croissants, but the coconut country tart is life changing. 


Carette Paris
Carette - @caretteofficiel
I wish I had more to add here but it's been a while since I've been to Paris. Carette's croissants were my most memorable, but please comment suggestions if you have them.
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